Digital Social Policy is a term coined by Paul Henman to capture his long-standing interest in the nexus between social policy, public administration and information and communication technologies, and their contribution to public governance. The website arose from his desire to make visible his research and those of his collaborators with a similar passion in all things Digital and Social Policy.

Paul Henman

paul-henman-photo1Paul holds degrees in sociology, social policy, computer science and education. His main research interest is the nexus between social policy, administration and digital information technologies. His research interests include: social policy; welfare state; welfare reform; e-government; the administration of policy; costs of raising children.

Tim Graham

tim-photo Tim is a PhD candidate in sociology and Web science at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. His thesis examines the role of websites in shaping ‘choice’. His research interests are located at the intersection of sociology, network science and data science, and social studies of technology. His current role as research assistant entails social network analysis of e- Government hyperlink networks.